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From small displays and graphic walls to large exhibition stands, we analyse and identify what will make your brand excel. Contact us today to learn how we can help you stand out at your next exhibition.

Stretch Pop Up Display Stand packs away into convenient carry bag

SPUDS – Stretch Pop Up Display Stands

Spider Media Wall with Replaceable fabric skin that attaches to frame with Velcro

Spider Media Wall

Mix and match your branding image with replaceable fabric prints on the modular exhibition display system

Exhibition Display Stands

Branded Table Cloth & covers available in standard & custom sizes

Branded Table Cloth

Digitally Printed Ottoman to create a point of difference to your presentation, exhibition or promotion space.


A question of strategy

We believe promotional products should never be considered ‘give-aways.’
From branded pens, small displays and graphic walls, to large exhibition stands, it’s essential you understand that promotional products offer a remarkable opportunity to engage your audience.

For those committing substantial dollars to an exhibition or event, a promotional products strategy should be an essential component of your planning and one that will secure your greatest return on investment.

Learn more about the strategy support that we offer our clients.

Securing the greatest value

Remarkably, many companies exhibit out of habit or have vague notion of what they would like to achieve. Exhibitions and trade shows are expensive so it’s important your return on investment meets your expectations.

With promotional products, they must add value to your event or exhibition.

A carefully considered promotional product mix will not only ensure you attract, but also engage the right audience.

From stand branding to promotional items, getting the mix right will ensure you are not only seen, but remembered.

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With the plethora of trade shows, events and exhibitions underway at any given time, standing out from your competitors and engaging your target audience has never been more challenging.

What makes a prospective client notice your stand and wares when so many others are on offer?

While promotional and design elements are essential, if you think your stand will be swamped because you have a generic pull up banner and some branded pens, you may be in for disappointment!

Before you book your stand, think about what you would like to achieve from the use and display of promotional products.

  • Have you thought about your promotional strategy?
  • How will your stand be designed to optimise its visual appeal?
  • What promotional products will create the most impact?

We have extensive experience in helping clients prepare for exhibitions and events. Get all the details about the Strategy Support that we offer to understand things better.

Or, if you would like to discuss a specific promotional item, contact us.