Enhance Your Brand Presence with Exhibition Display Stands

When it comes to promoting your business at events, exhibitions, or talks, standing out and leaving a lasting impression is essential. That’s why our eye-catching and high-quality exhibition display stands and partitions are the perfect choice for these environments.

Modular and Versatile Display Solutions

Our modular display stands and partitions provide you with a flexible system to build an exhibition space that perfectly suits your needs. These portable display systems are designed to be lightweight, yet incredibly strong and durable. You can easily configure them in various setups to meet your specific display requirements.

Industry Benchmark for Easy Installation

The pole and screw lock system we use sets the industry benchmark for its ease of installation and outstanding versatility. With this system, you can effortlessly assemble and disassemble your display stands, allowing you to reconfigure them differently each time you use them.

Seamless Brand Integration

Our modular display stand system allows you to seamlessly integrate your branding image with replaceable fabric prints without having to change the overall frame. You have the flexibility to set up your display stand prints in individual panels or create a cohesive branding message by building a broader image wall, depending on your unique requirements.

Features of Our Exhibition Display Stands:

Aluminium round poles that easily screw into each other, enabling various setup scenarios.

  • 1m poles, allowing you to adjust the height in multiples of 1m lengths.
  • Screw-in bases for stability and security.
  • Replaceable fabric prints attached to cross poles, ensuring easy customization.
  • UV-resistant and machine washable fabric prints, ensuring long-lasting vibrancy.
  • Interchangeable printed fabric banners without the need to change the frame.
  • Premium grade materials that guarantee durability and longevity.
  • Quick assembly and dismantling for hassle-free setup.
  • Easy transportation in a tough canvas carry bag, ensuring convenience on the go.

Popular Sizes:

  • Complete system 1m wide x 2m high
  • Complete system 1.5m wide x 2m high
  • Make a Lasting Impression with Out There Branding

At Out There Branding, we understand the importance of making an impact at exhibitions and events. Our eye-catching exhibition display stands and partitions offer a versatile and durable solution that allows your brand to shine.

Contact us today to discuss your specific requirements and let us help you create a remarkable display that leaves a lasting impression.

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