Cost Effective Branding for Your Business

Café barriers are a cost-effective and attractive way to promote your brand, and you don’t need to own a cafe to use them!

The double-sided branded skin allows you to quickly and easily interchange your branding message. This skin simply slips over the cafe barrier frame and is held in place with a zip along the bottom. Once tightened up the zip is not visible resulting in a drum-tight finish.

Swapping the skin is a 3-minute job and no tools are required. This makes it very easy to keep your branding message fresh and relevant allowing you to consider having seasonal or even monthly skins.

Have you got multiple products, services or brands in your business? This promotional product is perfect because you can keep changing the skins whenever you like, even seasonally.

Key Features:

  • Quick Set Up – No tools required!
  • Visually Appealing
  • Skin easily inter-changeable
  • Double sided branding
  • Aluminium interlocking poles
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