Strategy to promote and grow your business using the right marketing tools
Strategy to promote and grow your business using the right marketing tools

Promotional Items Strategy: Building Brand Exposure and Maximising ROI

At Out There Branding, we understand the power of promotional items in creating memorable brand exposure and maximising marketing dollars.

Developing a well-thought-out promotional product strategy is crucial to achieving desired outcomes and ensuring the success of events, trade shows, and exhibitions.

Understanding Desired Outcomes: Driving Success

When planning an event or promotional campaign, it is essential to clearly define the outcomes you want to achieve. Whether it’s increased sales, acquiring new customers, or raising organisational awareness, a strategic use of promotional items can significantly contribute to these goals.

At Out There Branding, we encourage you to think about your specific objectives and work collaboratively with us to shape a promotional strategy that meets your expectations.

The power of the right promotional product mix

Remarkably, many companies use promotional products purely out of habit or because ‘everyone else is doing it.’

With promotional products, we believe they must add value to your products and services. Handing out mints at a trade show won’t generate product interest, create a memorable outcome or drive profits!

Of course, your mix will be dependent on what your company does (and offers) and what you are hoping to achieve. While a high-end car company may invest in cutting edge video brochures for qualified prospects, a small business may secure great interest from strategically designed and placed banner with great and engaging content to pull in the audience.

From stand branding to promotional items, getting the mix right will ensure you are not only seen, but remembered.

Elements of a Successful Promotional Item Strategy

Strategy example:  Display banners


The design of promotional materials, including display banners, plays a crucial role in capturing your audience’s attention. With limited time to make an impression, we focus on easy-to-read content fonts, appropriate colour selection, and an engaging layout to ensure maximum impact.


Clear, concise, relevant, and engaging content is vital for promotional items. We understand that your audience has limited time to read lengthy text, so we craft compelling messages that create an immediate call-to-action.


Tailoring your promotional products to the specific event, product, or service is key to securing immediate interest. We avoid generic information and instead provide relevant details that resonate with your target audience.

Call to action

A strong call to action is crucial for successful promotional materials. By creating a sense of urgency through limited time offers or limited availability, we encourage immediate action from your audience.


Surprisingly, many promotional materials overlook the inclusion of contact details. We ensure that your display stands and other promotional items feature key contact information, such as your website and phone number, enabling potential customers to connect with you easily.


Strategic placement of your promotional materials is as important as their design and content. We help you identify high-traffic areas where your target audience is most likely to see and engage with your display stands, maximising their impact.

Partner with Out There Branding for Promotional Success

At Out There Branding, we recognize that a well-planned promotional strategy is crucial to the success of events and marketing initiatives. Our expertise in developing effective promotional item strategies allows us to deliver the best outcomes for our clients.

We invite you to contact us today to discuss your next event and explore how our strategic approach to promotional items can help you achieve your goals and ensure a successful outcome.

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