Strategy to promote and grow your business using the right marketing tools
Strategy to promote and grow your business using the right marketing tools


There is no question promotional products can provide memorable and long-term brand exposure. Learning how to develop a good promotional product strategy can build a business’s brand and save marketing dollars by only buying what is appropriate for your purpose and your market.

Some simple questions!

We ask the following questions so we can understand what the client is thinking (or not thinking) in regard to the outcomes they would like to achieve.

  • What do you want to achieve with your event / trade show / exhibition?
  • What outcomes are you expecting? Sales increase? New customers? Organisational awareness?

Our goal is to work in collaboration with our clients, so it’s essential they think about or indeed, have answers to these questions.  This gives us a place to start and to begin to a develop a promotional strategy that will meet their expectations and create the return on investment they desire.

The power of the right promotional product mix

Remarkably, many companies use promotional products purely out of habit or because ‘everyone else is doing it.’

With promotional products, we believe they must add value to your products and services. Handing out mints at a trade show won’t generate product interest, create a memorable outcome or drive profits!

Of course, your mix will be dependent on what your company does (and offers) and what you are hoping to achieve. While a high-end car company may invest in cutting edge video brochures for qualified prospects, a small business may secure great interest from strategically designed and placed banner with great and engaging content to pull in the audience.

From stand branding to promotional items, getting the mix right will ensure you are not only seen, but remembered.

Elements we consider

Strategy example:  Display banners


While placement in high traffic areas is ideal, display stands may not secure the impact you seek if the design doesn’t engage. Remember, you only have a few seconds to capture your audience. From an easy to read content font, to appropriate colour selection and layout – the overall design is critical to banner success.


Four words apply.  Clear. Concise. Relevant. Engaging. You passing audience has little time to read or indeed digest, great swaths of text. Your content needs to be instantly on the mark and provide an engaging and enticing message that creates a call-to-action.


As noted, long meandering text won’t engage and may even put off your target audience. Relevant information – directly related to the event / product / service – will secure immediate interest.

Call to action

As with any successful promotional tool, a strong call to action is needed. An imperative to act can be made through time pressure (limited time / limited number) to encourage immediate action.


Amazingly, many display stands fail to include contact details. Including key contact details such as website / phone etc., ensures contact can be made quickly.


As important as all points above, if your display stand isn’t prominently located it will lose all impact. Knowing where you audience will be (or will most likely travel past), will ensure they see your stand.

A promotional strategy is essential

We apply this level of insight and consideration to all of our products and to all elements of your planned event. With this strategic approach, your use of select promotional products has the greatest chance of success.

Contact us today to discuss your next event and let us ensure it is a success