Lefand and Out There Branding – Moving into the future in strategic alignment.

Lefand Group may have started as a small family cleaning business, but when Philip Iacovou took over the business from his father in 2007, he steered the business into what is now a homegrown powerhouse in the building and facility management sphere.

Roy met Philip Iacovou at a networking event around 2015, and the business relationship was born. Out There Branding fast became Philip’s and Lefand’s partner for promotional and marketing products. Over the years the partnership has seen the creation of uniforms, print media, branded products and gifts for staff, clients and corporate partners.

Lefand’s projects require the dissemination of a lot of information and data; the perfect vehicle to present it is the Video Brochure. Sound, text, imagery and multimedia can communicate complex information and data in a neat little package. 

The professional presentations are perfect to communicate the detailed information of development projects to investors, contractors and stakeholders alike; the message remains consistent no matter how complex the project.

Lefand’s projects and business, also require them to attend or present at large events such as expos, and building and property summits. These events enable Out There Branding the opportunity to create almost everything that Lefand needs; signage, tables covers, print media such as run sheets and menus etc, and all the gifting and promotional items they need to make the event successful.

The relationship and conversations between Roy and Philip are no longer about products, they meet regularly to plan and prepare for what’s coming, so they are both on the same page for the goals and what’s required to meet them. It’s a strategic partnership ongoing. 


I have been professionally working with Roy and Stewart from Out There Branding for about 12 months now across various projects. I have found them to be extremely helpful and insightful in regards to our needs and goals – it’s an extremely successful relationship that keeps us and our customers happy. My sister saw someone at the beach the other day with one of our umbrellas – and that makes us very happy. We highly recommend the OTB team and see them as part of our team.


Project Manager, Skypoynt Digital

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