The relationship between Mastercard and Out There Branding started roughly 5 years ago, when OTB was approached to do some merchandising for the Australian Open in Melbourne.

Mastercard were open to recommendations, and Roy knew it was a big deal. It’s hot in January in Australia when the Open takes place, so the decision to make Panama Hats that could be worn all day, and seen on the live broadcast all over the world was agreed.

In the days pre Covid-19, when travellers followed tennis tournaments around the world, Roy also saw the benefits for Mastercard and OTB to produce another great travel item; a branded multi-charger for various tech gadgets. The assumption was that the giveaways would be kept as they are functional, and they fit into a handbag to go anywhere with the user. 

During the ongoing relationship between OTB and Mastercard for the Australian Open, the fundamental formula that has emerged for the Mastercard branded products is practicality, as it’s a key marketing opportunity for the company.


Another local program they undertook with Mastercard was in partnership with Taronga Zoo. Mastercard have become a Crown Sponsor of the famous Sydney zoo and it’s Dubbo cousin, to support its world renowned conservation efforts. OTB also assists with Mastercard’s visibility at the famous NYE fireworks and celebration events at the iconic landmark venue on Sydney Harbour.

Roy also works with the brand offshore, most recently in Singapore. They created a coffee experience for an event, and provided a Mastercard branded coffee experience gift box that needed to be sent to various major

Australian cities. The gift boxes not only had to look great, but be professional and practical in the packaging for safe arrival at their destinations by specific deadlines successfully. 

The ongoing relationship remains successful, and Roy and the OTB team are excited about the opportunities to come working with Mastercard moving forward.


I have been professionally working with Roy and Stewart from Out There Branding for about 12 months now across various projects. I have found them to be extremely helpful and insightful in regards to our needs and goals – it’s an extremely successful relationship that keeps us and our customers happy. My sister saw someone at the beach the other day with one of our umbrellas – and that makes us very happy. We highly recommend the OTB team and see them as part of our team.


Project Manager, Skypoynt Digital

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