promotion table for exhibition events

Lightweight & Portable Branded Promotion Tables

At exhibitions and events, it’s always handy and professional to have a promotion table to put your products, brochures or promotional products on.

The promotion tables come in two convenient sizes of 1.6m long by 600mm wide and 1m high. The second one is 1.1m long by 600mm wide and 1m high.

With this complete unit, in-store promotions are made easy and quick to set up with the lightweight and portable Demo Table. Within a couple of minutes, you’re up and running, ready for business.

  • Components
  • Table panel
  • Foldable table frame
  • Digitally-printed graphics
  • Professional branding


  • Outdoor and indoor promotions
  • Informal and formal trading

Choosing the table design can be a challenge so contact the experts at Out There Branding for assistance.

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