Get your business remembered at events and exhibitions

The power of using promotional products that get you seen and remembered at events and exhibitions

Powerful Promotional Products for events and exhibitions
Powerful Promotional Products for events and exhibitions

Giving out a promotional product should always have a result in mind

The ideal result when giving out a promotional product is that it needs to create a memorable experience which the recipient has and remembers when he leaves you with it.

The promotional product is only part of the experience. The other part is the interaction that they have with you when the promotional product is handed to them. What you say and how you convey your message is going to be the reason that they remember you

The best way to use promotional products is to have different categories for potential customers at your event or exhibition. This means purchasing a variety of promotional products.

If you have a visitor who wants to learn more about what you and your business does, that promotional product should be completely different to another visitor who knows your company and wants to engage with you about how to help them and their business.

What should you be asking yourself before picking promotional products?

  • What do I hope to achieve with the promotional product provided?
  • What is my target market who I want to attract?
  • What return should I expect to get on my investment?

This is extremely important as the promotional product chosen should be geared to reach your target market. Providing a promotional product that “suits all purposes” will not achieve your goal. Targeted promotional products for specific events and functions get the best results

Collecting data from recipient and Following up after the event/ exhibition to turn the promotional product into potential business

Data for Promotional Events & Exhibitions
Data for Promotional Events & Exhibitions

There is a very big difference between collecting names and contact numbers and creating an experience for the potential customer where he will remember the interaction when you contact them after the event / exhibition.

So many businesses exhibit at events and exhibitions and walk away with a long list of contact names and details that will lead to nothing.

The experience created by using the correct promotional product and correct interaction with the potential customer is what they will remember when you contact them after the event.

It is vital to contact them as soon after the event/ exhibition as possible. This will ensure that the memorable experience that was had will be maximised by your follow up. The follow up should carry on the experience for your potential customer, moving them closer to a potential sale. Each step of the follow up should move your potential customer closer to wanting to transact with you and your business.

Your Memorable Experience Blueprint

We all exhibit at events and exhibitions to get more sales. Thus, having a plan that is prepared and well executed means a higher chance of reaching you goal and ROI.

Your Memorable Experience Blueprint helps you check all aspects of this journey as well as plan to get maximum benefit from your event/exhibition.

We all enter events or exhibitions with the same goal and that is to generate More Sales. We assist using the Blueprint to take you on a journey how to best achieve this.


We help before the Event/Exhibition to understand what and who your Target Market is, prepare your Exhibition System to stand out in the crowd using Awareness Tools to ensure your strategy is properly planned and focused.


We assist with ideas for Staff Preparedness for the event/exhibition, which is generally overlooked, yet vital to ensure the end result is achieved. Suggesting innovative Promotional products and using the dynamic and engaging Video Brochures will ensure your visitors have a memorable experience.


We show how to create Brand Awareness, ensuring that you generate Qualified Leads and assist with a formal Follow Up Plan after the event, to ensure that your ROI is achieved Using a targeted Strategy and ensuring proper Engagement will lead to good Conversations. Having good Engagement with a known ROI will ensure Qualified Leads. Implementing your targeted Strategy will create Opportunities to reach your ROI. Having created the right Opportunities, ensuring the Conversations are targeted at your end result and collecting the Qualified Leads will ensure the end result of More Sales

This is how we help you plan and prepare BEFORE your Event/Exhibition, assist your targeted strategy DURING the Event/Exhibition and ensure that you achieve your goals AFTER the Event/Exhibition.

If you would like to be remembered and stand out at your next event / exhibition, please find a time that best suits you in my calendar and let’s create a plan together.

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